As a part of the preparation for the Summit, NPDCSNJ solicited papers on topics of interest to NPO leaders, staff members, volunteers, and supporters. Below you will find links to the papers we have received:

NPDCSNJ Summit Collection of Papers Vol 1

1. Living in a Digital World:  Why Nonprofits Need a Robust Digital Fundraising Strategy to Thrive in a Changing Philanthropic Environment.

        Macy Zhelyazkova
        Gratz Masters Degree Student
        July 2021

2. Listening,Providing,Evolving: How direct service organizations in southern New Jersey are changing to meet community needs, and adapting themselves, during the Covid 19 pandemic.

        Rutgers University Camden, Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs  2020

3. Family Strengthening Network Family Advocacy Evaluation

        Rutgers University Camden, Walter Rand Institute  2022

4. Whole Family Culturally Responsive Approach Evaluation

        Rutgers University Camden, Walter Rand Institute  2022

5. Are Funding Tools Making Nonprofits ChooseBetween Funders and Clients?

        Capacity Buiding and Policy Experts  LLC     2022

6. Charitable Registration

        Pro Bono Partnership     2022

7. Strengthening Nonprofits Through Free Transactional Legal Services

        Pro Bono Partnership     2022

8. Tax Filing Considerations For Small New jersey Nonprofits

        Pro Bono Partnership     2022

9. Select Legal Alerts – (4 recent decisions impacting nonprofits in NJ and nationally)

10. Blogging about Everything Nonprofit

        Pro Bono Partnership on the Dodge Foundation Blog – (22 blogs)
        Pro Bono Partnership     2022

11. Embracing the Next Generation: Why Nonprofit Organizations Need to BroadenTheir Focus to Gen Z

Maya Spector- Capstone Project Gratz College December 2021